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  • Pottery

    I have been practicing pottery since June 2023. Through this experience I have learned to make best friends with failure and enjoy the process.

  • Collaborative Project with University of the Philippines School of Muusic

    Term 2, Winter Session 2019-2020

    This was a collaborative project for the Applied Music Technology core course "Interactive Performance Systems." This piece tells the story of the Filipino creation myth and is underscored by reactive audio and visuals. The movements of the dancers were linked to both the sound and the graphics throuugh accelerometers placed on various limbs.

  • Web Design and Development

    I have an ongoing interest in creating beautiful home pages for small businesses and artists. I enjoy the process of connecting with my clients to understand their desired aesthetic and achieve their desired outcome.

  • Echo Chamber

    Term 2, Winter Session 2019-2020

    Supervised individual music technology project completed in Unity, Max/MSP, and C# as part of the UBC Applied Music Technology Minor.

  • Beat Coin

    Term 2, Winter Session 2017-2018

    Beat Coin is a musical rhythm-based 2D shooter game, like a cross between Space Invader and DDR. The game has a few different levels, each based around a song. Enemies spawn within the screen and shoot towards the player, whose goal is minimize collisions with enemy projectiles for the duration of the level's song, shooting to the beat of the song. Adversaries can move to the beat or become stronger and more damaging when the player acts, moves, or attacks off-beat.