Beat Coin

Term 2, Winter Session 2017-2018

Beat Coin is a musical rhythm-based 2D shooter game, like a cross between Space Invader and DDR. The game has a few different levels, each based around a song. Enemies spawn within the screen and shoot towards the player, whose goal is minimize collisions with enemy projectiles for the duration of the level's song, shooting to the beat of the song. Adversaries can move to the beat or become stronger and more damaging when the player acts, moves, or attacks off-beat.

This is a clip from Beat Coin, the game I worked on during the UBC seminar "Topics in Computer Science." In terms of audio programming, I did the sound design and editing for the effects as well as the programming for the audio engine. I used FMOD API for sequencing sounds to gameplay actions and manipulating/distorting the background music in accordance with the player performance in the game.

During the span of the course, I worked in a team of 5 people to create a complete small 2D video game from scratch using C++. Throughout the process of building the core components of the game we learned more about the cross-cutting topics in computer science – articial intelligence, computer graphics, audio programming, and software design. The project was also an immersion into a typical team project environment and was a great opportunity to demonstrate best communication and collaboration practices. This was also a fun insight into the process of hands-on completion of a complex project from start to finish.